Artist Statement

My work is impulsive and intuitive; the creation of linear systems that merge with ethereal nebulae make up the base of my visceral process. Inspired by energetic impulses, marks are built up to form layers constructed with both natural and man-made materials. Ranging from plaster and clay to pigment, paints and markers, this blend of substances explores the intertwining relationship between nature & humanity. Excavating through layers of elements, nebulous cityscapes are pulled through and defined, their lines emerging and receding, hanging in a universe all their own. These expressions are part of the visual dialogue illustrating the relationship between humans and nature, seeking to create the foundation – a platform – for a new form of communication, one that will support the actualization of a positive symbiosis between these two forces.

The otherworldly terrains are created with intention; a form of active-meditation, I craft my marks with mindfulness. Painting over and tracing buried undercurrents, much like pentimento, I recover marks from the past and pull them through, linking them to the present and guiding them into the future. Subconsciously determining points on the developing plain, my intuitive gestures demarcate illuminated networks. Inspired by the grooved lines found in natural gemstones and skylines, these paths of light are designed to guide thought through form, echoing energy grids. Hazy cityscapes materialize and recede as abstract strokes wane and reappear. Volatile forms are torn down with new layers of paint and clay, only to be later stabilized, excavated to be transformed into the connection of elements threading the work together, bringing equilibrium into ever-changing landscapes.

- Erika Ray


Artist CV


New York Fashion Academy, Certificate in Fashion Design & Construction, 2017

Artist Trust Visual EDGE Professional Development Program, Certificate, 2016

Daphne Michaels Institute for Personal Development, Certificate in Restorative Touch, 2016

Spaceworks Creative Enterprise Program, Certificate, 2016

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Post-Baccalaureate in Fiber & Material Studies, 2015

Lewis & Clark College, Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentration in Painting, 2005

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Saturn Building, Seattle Washington

2016 Space Building, Seattle Washington

2015 Crimson Graphics, Tacoma Washington

2013 Private Event, Tacoma Washington

2010 619 Western, Seattle Washington

2010 Beauty Bar, Seattle Washington

2009 Miro Tea House, Seattle Washington

2009 Monster Gallery, Seattle Washington

Group Exhibitions

2017 Kaleidoscope, Tacoma Arts Month, Tacoma Washington

2016 12x12 Show, Crimson Graphics, Tacoma Washington

2015 Alchemy Skate Art Fundraiser, Tacoma Washington

2015 Centro Selva, Pucallpa Peru

2015 Post-Baccalaureate Salon, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Illinois

2011 Rumble in SODO, Bemis Building, Seattle Washington

2011 Cancer Sucks, Radar Hair & Records, Seattle Washington

2011 Artifakt All Female Art Show, LoFi, Seattle Washington

2010 Rumble in SODO, Bemis Building, Seattle Washington

2009 Death & The Devil, Tiger Lounge, Seattle Washington

2007 All City Fresh, Brooklyn New York

Live Art

2016 Pony Up for The Kids, Tacoma Narrows Rotary Club, Roy Washington

2016 NEON, SpaceWorks, Tacoma Washington

2016 Third Thursday, 1120 Creative House, Tacoma Washington

2015 Private Event, Tacoma Washington

2012 Private Event, Seattle Washington

2011 Private Event, Seattle Washington

2010 Artifakt, Seattle Washington

2010 Abraxis, Seattle Washington

2010 Nectar Lounge, Seattle Washington

2009 Day Out of Time, Seattle Washington

2009 Abraxis, Seattle Washington

2009 Triple D, Seattle Washington

2008 206 Zulu Anniversary Party, Seattle Washington

2008 Doc Maynard’s, Seattle Washington

JPC Architects, Bellevue Washington, 2011  
Elements Too, Bellevue Washington, 2010

“Inside the Open Studio”, F-News Magazine, November, 2014

2015 Student Leadership Award, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Illinois
2011 JPC Architects, NW Design Awards, Seattle Design Center, Seattle Washington

Member of the Following Organization
Textile Technology Research Group, Joined 2014